1650 Gallery presents:

Juried Photography Exhibition
Hit Me With Your Best Shot


1650 Studio & Gallery, Echo Park
1650 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026
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Hit Me With Your Best Shot Photography Exhibition
Photo Credit: "Oceans Burning" by Adi Putra

1650 Gallery is hosting the juried photography exhibition
Hit Me With Your Best Shot

This month at 1650 we venture into the heart and soul of what makes a great photograph as we pull down the guardrails and fences and let the true artist within you run wild. This month, there are no rules, there are no ranks and we pull no punches as 1650 opens it's juried competition to every photographer's own personal vision; a show comprised of each artist's best or favorite work. The rules are simple: there are no rules, there is no theme except that you enter whatever work you like. All photos don't fit neatly into pre-conceived categories, and this month we all have a chance to prove it. So get out your contact sheets and hard drives, fire up your Lightroom catalogs and make a pile of 5 or 10 of your favorite photos and SEND THEM IN! We don't care if they are of horses, oil derricks, or your Auntie Em! Rocks, bugs, sunsets? SEND 'EM IN!!! Forest fires, rain forests or an eclipse of the sun? SEND THEM IN!!! This month at 1650, we search for the personal best in the dusty back pages of photographers of all ages and areas -- amateur or pro, analog or digital, serious or on a lark; because we all have at least a few good shots inside us -- so hit us with your best shots!!

Sixty works chosen from submitted photos to be included in the Hit Me With Your Best Shot group photography exhibition at 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles.