1650 Gallery presents:

Juried Art Exhibition
TOGETHER: A Photography Show

Submissions Deadline:
Sunday, March 11, 2018

Saturday, March 24
7:30 - 10:30pm

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TOGETHER: A Photography Show Photography Exhibition
Photo Credit: "Untitled" by Maya Shoham

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1650 Gallery is hosting the juried art exhibition
TOGETHER: A Photography Show

TOGETHER: A Photography Show Photography Exhibition

In this troubled corner of the universe known as planet earth, there has always been good reason for all it’s creatures, great and small, to stick together. Whether gaggles of geese, schools of fish, a pack of dogs, an exaltation of larks or a gang of teenagers, there is safety in numbers. Folks like to get together to celebrate things: "The more the merrier!" is the battle cry. Teams, classes, squads, crews, tribes, bands, herds, gangs, quorums, committees and congresses – if it’s worth doing it seems to be better together than alone. Two heads are supposedly better than one, so is there any danger of too much togetherness? Only within the chemical reaction called love, where two is company and three's a crowd; and we all know it’s no fun being a fifth wheel. Nevertheless, love remains the 500 pound gorilla of the togetherness scene; what it lacks in numbers it makes up for in sense of purpose – there’s a reason "love conquers all" became a quotable quote! This month at 1650, we want to see YOUR version of togetherness – be it birds of a feather, lovers in the park, your gramma’s bridge club or cats and dogs living in sin – we want to see it all! So gang together with your best friend the camera and show us your take! Because this month at 1650 there is no right or wrong; there is only you and me, and TOGETHER we’ll make history!

Approximately fifty works will be chosen from submitted photos to be included in the TOGETHER: A Photography Show group photography exhibition at 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles.

There is an entry fee of $40 for up to 5 images. Additional entries may be submitted for $5 each.

We offer free matting and framing for accepted photographs that fit our pre-cut mat sizes for the duration of the exhibition. We have a variety of frames and mats to choose from.

We will also print your photo for a nominal fee if you are accepted into the show and would prefer not to mail a print.

Selected artists may choose to offer their work for sale. The gallery retains 50% sales commission.

AWARDS: Best In Show, 2nd Place and 3rd Place will be awarded and posted online after the show opening. Award winning photos will be featured on the show page and Best In Show winners will have a small portfolio of their work (up to 10 images) featured in our 1650 Spotlight gallery of photographic excellence.

All Awards winners will also be featured in our 1650 Gallery newsletter, which is broadcast via email to our mailing list. Getting the word out about artists we're excited about helps you do more great work, helps us show more great work, and helps keep the often insular world of fine art photography more diverse and vibrant.

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TOGETHER: A Photography Show Photography Exhibition

Photo Credits:
TOP (L-R) "Love" by Ellen Yeiser, My Life as a Dog 2014 ; Lake Photos by Mark Hedengren, Mark Hedengren Solo Show 2011 ; "Frankie and Johnnie I" by Christopher Malcolm, I'll Be Your Mirror 2015. BOTTOM (L-R) "Owlets Bonding" by James Hanlon, I'll Fly Away 2016; "Locals Only" by Robert Moran, Dudes, Bros & Gentlemen 2016; Emily_M+Amber_W_11-08-08--2BC" by Dan McCormack, Picturing America 2015; "Morning Watch" by William Lee, What's New Pussycat 2016

Questions? Please email us at 1650gallery@gmail.com

Good luck and hope to see you at the opening reception!