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1650 Gallery presents:

100 Days of 600
Polariods by Yasma Alkoraishi


1650 Studio & Gallery, Echo Park
1650 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Photos of the opening reception!

Yasma Ali Alkoraishi Photography Exhibition

1650 Gallery is hosting the juried photography exhibition
100 Days of 600 by Yasma Alkoraishi

The earliest signs of the instant classic Polaroid started in 1948. The Polaroid as long been a beloved form for its verite quality: for allowing a deep level of candidness and revealing an intimacy of both subject and photographer. Its rarity has been it a coveted film format for high art photographers such as Neil Krug, Billy Kidd, and Jeremy Kost. For nearly ten years, photographer Yasma Alkoraishi's love for Polaroids has evolved and become a part of her raw, revealing style. This seemingly frivolous, plastic camera captured the lifestyles of Yasma's vagabond 20-something friends. Now this medium exposes an unaltered, yet film distorted view of the sunshine state California.

Thanks to Impossible Project (www.the-impossible-project.com) reinventing the classic Polaroid, the blog project "100 Days of 600" became possible. (www.100daysof600.tumblr.com) Yasma spent over 3 months during the summer of 2012 taking one Polaroid a day. Queer faces of Venice, dry lake beds, road trips, substance consumption, and random street art will be covered in the show. Presented by 1650 Gallery, "100 Days of 600" is an intimate portrait of the artist and her life filled with random, fleeting moments, her crazy friends, the love she has for the Golden State, and her intuitive ability to capture it all.