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1650GALLERY presents a one man show
Large Format Photography by
Opening Night Reception
7:30 - 10:30pm
1650 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90026

Michael Morris 1650 Gallery

About the Artist: Michael Morris is a photographer who came to photography later in life. He started with digital and found it unrewarding so after a short time with MF moved to LF 4X5. Almost everything he does now is large format B&W. He is working to improve his technical and artistic skills constantly. He is on a journey exploring photography, the US, and himself to some extent. Along with his wife Mary, he is traveling the US, cameras is tow and updating his blog (http://www.arizonatreks.org/) along the way. It is very much a journal of his journey with ramblings about everything from the photographs he takes while traveling, to the ah-ha moments when something new is grasped.

1650 Gallery presents some of his most recent and most accomplished work in this one-man show.

Questions? Please email is at 1650gallery@gmail.com