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1650 Gallery prints exhibition photographs with an Epson 9900 printer on high quality Epson double weight matte photo paper, in black & white or color.

Black & white photographers desiring the highest quality we offer can order a Piezography print on Jon Cone Type 5 paper for an additional $25 charge. This method produces a print closest in quality to a hand-made silver gelatin print on fiber based paper.

Sizes and prices are as follows:
  8x10" - $25       11x14" - $30       12x16" - $35       12x18" - $37      
13x19" - $40       16x20" - $45       17x22" - $50       20x24" - $55       24x30" - $65

Square sizes are also available:
10x10" - $27       11x11" - $29       12x12" - $31      
13x13" - $37       16x16" - $40       18x18" - $50 

To order a print please visit our PRINT SERVICES ORDER PAGE to upload your files.

For a general idea of size for gallery display, here is a comparison chart showing a few sizes to give you a reference as you choose the size of your photograph.
Print Size Reference

Do you have an extra large file (larger than 40MB)?
Please send it to us via the free service wetransfer.com

File Formats
TIFF or JPG, 300 or 360 dpi, RGB color

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Questions? Please email us at 1650gallery@gmail.com